HAY HAY is all about the good songs.

With a variety of inspirations, ranging from the great pop songs of the 80s, the natural textures of fuzzy sounds, the weirdness of dreams and the dark edginess of percussive instinct, this Copenhagen-based band blends the synthetic and the organic to create their music.

The band confirms its attraction to shiny objects, as well as the murky waters of creativity.

It’s dark pop. It’s melodic and edgy. It’s HAY HAY.

Earlier in 2011, HAY HAY released the EP “Die Young” and had national radio airplay with the single “Come Down”. Current plans involve releasing an EP in late summer / early autumn 2011 containing the brand new single “Party On My Pillow” - and subsequently a full length album. The aim is for the stars, and failing to get there is not an option.

Anna Bjørck: lead vocal, percussion, synth
Niels Christian: guitar, synth, vocal
Jakob Oxenvad: bass, synth, vocal

+45 30703903

Party On My Pillow

HAY HAY - Party On My Pillow

Come Down

HAY HAY - Come Down